FOA   Q bed  #CM7298Q  $475.99

    5 pc set $1189.99  Includes: Q bed, 1 N/S, Dresser, Mirror and Chest
      *Contemporary Style        *Two-Tone Design
      *Bookcase Hearboard W/ Lighting      *English Dovetails
      *Recessed Pull Handles   *Solid Wood, Wood Veneer & Others
      *White & Ebony

   by Coaster  4 pc Queen bed room set $625.99
   Model: 202091Q  Queen bed  $215.99
   Dimensions: Width: 63.25  x  Depth: 87.25  x  Height: 50.5

         by Coaster   Noble Queen Panel Bed with Upholstered Headboard
          Model  #B219-30  Queen Bed $355.99    E King #B219-31 $455.99

                            FOA   Queen Bed  #CM7752Q  $679.99

 5 pc Queen set $2035.99 Includes: Q bed, 1 N/S, Dresser, Mirror, and Chest
 This stately bed set features a classic rich espresso finish, ornate metal scroll-work   along the mirrored headboard trim and carved wooden details. Transform your   master bedroom into a luxurious suite.

             *Traditional Style       *Intricate Wood Detail      *Camelback Design
                           *Gold Foliage Ornament      *Foundation Required


                Poundex Queen 5 pc set $749.99 (shown in Cherry)

            Queen Bed #F9231Q  $175.99     King 229.99

            Nightstand #F4735 $89.99     Chest #F4738 $199.99

            Dresser #F4737  $235.99     Mirror #F4736  $69.99

                                 *Also available in Black*

                         Coaster   #300501Q Queen bed $505.99 King bed $579.99  

       Dresser #203263 $499.99         Mirror  #203264  $115.99         Chest #203265 $405.99 

                        Nightstand  #203262  $169.99          Trunk  #500215   $225.99    

                                         *Available in Natural and Dark Brown*

                   FOA      Queen bed  #CM7361Q  $629.99   

                              5 pc set  $1715.99 includes: 

                    Q bed, 1 N/S, Dresser, Mirror, and Chest.  
     Inspired by popular reclaimed wood projects, this bedroom set

     gives you that rustic look and feel with ease of living amenities.

          The panel headboard displays its wood grain and knots,

          is a beautiful weathered light oak finish. 

        *Rustic Style    *Storage Bed    *Plank Style Headboard
            *Internal USB/ Power Outlet  *Foundation Required

                   Poundex   Item #F9153Q  Queen Bed $275.99  

     Item #F9153EK King Bed $345.99   Item #F4569 Night Stand $125.99

     Item #F4571 Dresser $345.99   Item #F4570 Mirror $69.99   

     Item #F4572 Chest $269.99       Item #F4589 TV Chest $119.99

                                by Coaster   Queen set $1245.99

       Queen #204551Q $455.99   Kiing $545.99   Nightstand #204552 $175.99 

     Dresser #204553 $495.99  Mirror #204554 $129.99  Chest #204555 $465.99 

                                 Floor Mirror #204557 $299.99

                  FOA   Queen bed  #CM7673Q  $545.99

   5 pc set $2089.99  includes: Q bed, 1 N/S, Dresser, Mirror and Chest
   Out with the old and in with the new, this champagne finished set is         unlike any other! With 3mm mirrored panel accents, this set is an             elegant choice for a glamorous setting. Each piece is adorned with         geometric style wooden trim that emphasizes the champagne                   backdrop. Matching case goods are adorned with crystal-like acrylic       drawer pull handles, felt-lined top drawers and full extension metal         glides.

       *Contemporary Style            *3mm Mirror Panel Accents
       *Crystal-like Acrylic Drawer Pulls     *Turned Legs
       *Solid Wood/Wood Veneer/Others      *Champagne Finish

Model Number: 400410F   $529.99
Dimensions:  Width: 77.75  x  Depth: 66.8  x  Height: 50.5

                                                           Coaster   Item#200410Q Queen Bed $395.99   King Bed $495.99  

                                                     Dresser #200413 $425.99    Mirror #200414 $85.99     Nightstand #200412 $155.99

       FOA  CELINE

  Queen Bed   #CM7432  $595.99

   King $729.99  

   Night stand $269.99  

   Dresser $645.99  Mirror $195.99           Chest $525.99

                   Coaster    #200170 Queen Bed $445.99 King Bed $545.99

                     Night stand #200712 $145.99  Chest #200715 $345.99

                         Desser 200713  $395.99    Mirror #200714  $79.99

​                                                      also in White

Please browse any catalogs for more .  Just take item number and give us a call for prices!

by Coaster   #300555T Twin $115.99   Full $155.99   Queen $169.99
Eastern King #300555KE  $199.99
Dimensions:   Width: 82  x  Depth: 85  x  Height: 14.25

      Upholstered bed with metallic velvet

        and crocodile leatherette 

     Dresser has metallic drawer fronts and faceted crystal              hardware.

                      Poundex             White Full Bed #F9210F  $119.99   Twin $99.99

                                                  Black Full F9212 $119.99        Twin $99.99

                            by Coaster   $509.99 Includes Queen bed, Nightstand, Dresser and Mirror
                              Model Number: 204391 Queen Bed $169.99    Chest #204395  $169.99

           Furniture of America     Item#CM7152F  Full bed  $299.99

            ​Item  #CM7152Q   Queen Bed   $305.99     #King Bed  $425.99

            Nightstand   #CM7152N  $145.99   #CM7152C  Chest $355.99

              #CM7152D  Dresser $389.99  Mirror #CM7152M $115.99

Coaster #202081Q  Queen Bed $175.99

2455 N. 1st Ave  

One block North of Grant.  

opened M-Sat. 10 to 6 

 For placing orders call


                                                   by Coaster   4 pc Queen set $625.99        

Model Number: 202091Q    $215.99    King Bed $305.99        Nightstand  #202092 $89.99 

Dresser #202093   $255.99   Mirror #202094   $69.99    Chest #202095  $165.99

                  Poundex   Twin Bed w/Trundle  #F9214T  $175.99

                          #F9216F Full bed with trundle $209.99​

                                  by Coaster  4 pc set $1389.99  Includes Queen bed Nightstand Dresser and Mirror

​                                                      Queen Bed #205101Q $ 709.99   Chest #205105 $225.99


F9270Q Queen Bed  $205.99
F9270CK C.King Bed   $305.99
F9270EK Eastern King Bed   
F4349 Nightstand  $105.99
F4350 Mirror   $65.99
F4351 Dresser   $279.99
F4352 Chest   $245.99

​ * Available in  Black *

     Coaster       Queen Bed #300345Q  $425.99    King $505.99
               Width: 56.25  x  Depth: 97.75  x  Height: 40.25   

                                          In White and Black

       by Coaster  4 pc set $1035.99   Includes Queen bed, nightstand, Dresser and Mirror
       Barzini Q Bedroom Group 2   Queen bed #300643 $505.99    Chest  #200895 $259.99

​                                                       Trunk #300644 $135.99

                                     Furniture of America
                        Item #CM7272NV-F   Full Bed $215.99    

                            #CM7272NV-T Twin bed $179.99
                   available in Grey, Light Blue, orange, and Ivory

                      FOA  Queen bed  #CM7303Q  $459.99
  5 pc Queen set $ 935.99  Includes: 
Q bed, 1 N/S, Dresser, Mirror, and Chest.
     * Contemporary Style      * Padded Fabric
     * Display Headboard     * LED Touch Lights    * Built-in USB Outlet

          Poundex       F9214T Twin $165.99  F9214F Full  $199.99


            for FURNITURE OF AMERICA catalog

               Poundex   Day Bed  F9260 with trundle $245.99

                    by Coaster  4 pc Queen set $1509.99

   Model: K 20418  Includes: Queen bed, Nightstand, Dresser and Mirror.
Queen bed  #204181Q $549.99   Chest #204185 $485.99

  Coaster            Sandy Beach California King Sleigh Bed with Footboard Storage shown in Black Model Number: 201329KW  $685.99

  Queen  Bed Model Number: 201321Q   $539.99        Nightstand #201322  $225.99    Chest  #201328  $529.99 

   Dresser  #201323 $559.99   Mirror  #201324  $85.99

                                                                         * in White  Black and Cappuccino*​​

                            by Coaster  Model Number: B219-20    

                            Queen Bed $505.99   Cal King $615.99

           #B219-02 Nightstand $165.99     #B219-05 Chest $379.99 

             #B219-03 Dresser $435.99      #B219-04 Mirror $105.99  

                   Poundex Day bed with trundle  F9259  $245.99


                                         Furniture of America
     #CM7602WH-Q White Queen bed $459.99    #CM7602WH-Ck cal king bed $545.99


      F9325Q Queen Bed $225.99     F9325EK Eastern King Bed  $289.99

​      Nightstand #F4812 $85.99   Chest #F4815  $215.99 

      Dresser #F4814 $265.99   Mirror #F4813  $115.99

                              Poundex                   Queen Bed  F9387Q $429.99     King Bed F9387EK $479.99   

               Night Stand #F4931 $155.99    Dresser F4933 $355.99  Mirror F4932 $125.99  Chest F4934 $305.99

                                                  Coaster    4 pc Queen set  $1075.99   

          Queen Bed #203191Q  $419.99    King Bed #203191K  $555.99

 Nightstand #203192  $165.99  Dresser  #203193  $359.99   Mirror #203194  $135.99   Chest  #203195  $269.99


                                           FOA    5 pc Queen Bed room set $1849.99

                                BED  #CM7315  Queen Bed $629.99  King $785.99

                         Nightstand #CM7315N $215.99    CHEST  #CM7315C  $409.99 

                              Dresser #CM7315D $459.99   Mirror #CM7315M139.99 
                            *Platform Bed                              *High Panel Headboard
                            *V-Shape Plank Design                *Built-in USB Outlets
                            *Footboard Storage Drawers       *Foundation Required


                Wooden platforms By Chuck     Made in the USA

             Twin: $99.99
              Full:  $125.99
              Queen:  $145.99
              King:  $199.99

          Available  finishes: Sedona Red,  Early American,  Red Mahogany  and Dark Walnut. 

             *unfinished  $5.00 less
             *8 extra slates $10.00
             *For custom Chest , and nightstands please call for prices. 

Furniture of America         Queen Bed CM7125Q $529.99

                        FOA   Queen Bed #CM7751Q  $595.99

    5 pc Queen set $1949.99  Includes: Q bed, 1 N/S, Dresser, Mirror, and Chest.
       This stately bed set features a classic rich espresso finish, ornate metal           scrollwork along the mirrored headboard trim and carved wooden details give     it a sophisticate appeal.

   *Traditional Style     *Intricate Wood Detail     *Camelback Design
     *Gold Foliage Ornament        *Foundation Required

Queen Granados Upholstered Bed with Black Leatherette  by Coaster      Model Number: 300404Q  $155.99

Eastern King $205.99     Full Bed  $149.99

Poundex   F9290Q Queen Bed $379.99      King Bed $479.9

N/S #F4345 $129.99  Chest #F4348 $335.99   Dresser #F4347 $369.99   Mirror #F4346  $79.99

                     FOA  ARGUSVILLE    5 pc Queen set $1849.99

                    Queen Bed #CM7380  $495.99  Cal King $579.99

          ​* Dresser #CM7380D $569.99     MIirror #CM7380M $105.99

​          * Night stand w/ USB Outlet   #CM7380N $239.99

          ​* Chest  #CM7380C  $459.99

                              by Coaster  # 350103Q   $859.99

     Twin Long $675.99  Full $755.99  Queen $859.99   King $949.99

      • Premium adjustable bed base
      • Base fits most bed frames or used as a standalone bed
      • Wall hugger mechanism with pillow tilt
      • 750lbs lifting capacity
      • Wireless remote with back light, flashlight, two memory                          positions, and three presets including: zero gravity,

        emergency flat,  and anti- snore
       • Dual (head/foot) massage with timer and multiple modes
       • USB outlet under unit
       • Under bed LED lighting
       • Emergency back up battery
       • 3”-6”-9” metal stackable legs
       • 2 year full warranty on motor
       • 10 year limited warranty on mechanism
        • Horizontal split kings
        • registration and remote integration
        • Headboard brackets available
        • Bed/mattress not included

                              FOA   Queen bed #CM7185Q  $1019.99

       5 pc set $2649.99   Includes: Q bed, 1 N/S, Dresser, Mirror, and Chest
  Transform your bedroom in to a master suite with this decadently luxurious       bed. Antique mirror panel inserts line every trim of the bed, up the four                posts and along the geometric head and footboards. They introduce a                golden colored light into your bedroom that's only fitting this magnificent          collection of comfort and regal design.

     *Glam Style       *Button Tufted Leatherette H/B & F/B
      *Antique Mirror Panels       *Nailhead Trim      *Foundation Required

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            Bed Room Furniture

                 by Coaster      Model Number: 300608Q  Queen Bed $529.99 

                                         Full $509.99  King $569.99

                                      FOA    Queen bed  #CM7355Q   $355.99

            5 pc set includes: Q bed, 1 N/S, Dresser, Mirror and Chest.  $1255.99
        Contemporary styling meets classic design in this soothing canopy style                 bed. The platform bed features a leatherette headboard to add warmth

          to the simple, solid construction. The matching case goods

          feature simple bar drawer pulls and a matching finish  that highlights

          this bedroom set's wood grain.
        *Contemporary Style        *Canopy Style Bed         *Foundation Required

            We offer a variety of mattress  sets in  Twin, Full, Queen, Eastern King, and  California King  sizes.

            Wood and Metal Frames available

                                      Please visit our Catalog tab for a wider selection.
                                      For placing a order call (520) 792-0922  M-Sat   10 am to 6 pm